Judy O Studio, testimonial from David Richards.
"I initially chose Judy for my website needs for two reasons. First was her clean design style. Websites are partially packaging and partially substance, so it is important that -- at the end of the day-- aesthetic does not obscure a site's substance. Second was that her clients' sites did not all look the same, which told me she was both creative and attentive to the different needs of different clients.
After working with Judy, I'm convinced I made the best choice possible. First, she likes numbered lists. That counts for a lot. Second, she took the time to ask me very productive questions about what I want from my site, and then she listened carefully to my answers. Indeed, Judy's questions led me to many issues I hadn't considered and I came to rely on the experienced guidance she patiently dispensed. Third, Judy is a great collaborator -- she was willing to give and take ideas about a number of things, and that process led to smart decisions about design and content management. Finally, Judy is a true professional with her easy-going demeanor and transparent business practices. There were no hidden costs and when Judy promised something, it got done. If only more of life was like that..."
David Richards, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Political Science and Human Rights, University of Connecticut

David Richards, Ph.D. is associate professor of political science and human rights at the University of Connecticut. He is a co-founder of the CIRI Human Rights Data Project.
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